Benefits of Warm Water Exercise

Swimming in warm water:

•  Can build muscle, strength, stamina and endurance
•  Can increase range of motion and flexibility
•  Is an aerobic exercise that can burn calories
•  Is an alternative to high-impact sports which are more weight bearing on joints
•  Is safer and more comfortable than local cold water lakes and rivers
•  Can build confidence  •  Is FUN!!!

Conditions that may benefit from your dog swimming in warm water:

•  Arthritis  •  Joint and Spinal Injuries
•  Hip and Elbow Dysplasia  •  Mobility Issues  •  Circulation Problems
•  Pre and Post Surgery  •  Chronic Pain  •  Stress Relief

Warm water therapy and exercise may assist in the following:

•  Muscle Strengthening  •  Competition and Show Conditioning
•  Weight Management  •  Geriatric Fitness
•  Relaxation  •  Building Confidence  •  Just having fun!

The services at K9 Aquatics, Inc. are not medical procedures, nor are they a substitute for a medical diagnosis.  If you have any medical questions or any concerns about your pet, please contact your veterinarian.